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I belong to several technology-related online magazines, and  I scan them regularly to see if anything relates to grants. Recently, on the Center for Digital Education website, Tanya Roscoria wrote a story entitled: “Why Educators Should Connect Digitally.”

Grants Office, LLCThis blog has always focused on tips, techniques and samples of how to get a grant successfully funded. A recent article in the May 2012 issue of Funded, as published by the Grants Office, takes an opposite tack: “How to Ensure Your Grant Application Gets Denied,” by Susannah Mayhall.

I receive a monthly electronic newsletter from Hanover Grants in Washington, D.C. A recent issue focused on “Four Steps to Take Before Developing a Grant Application Budget. “ This reminded me how important budget development is for a successful grant proposal.

My community college is situated in a rural area. Many times we feel that our needs are frequently overshadowed by the needs of larger urban areas that have higher rates of poverty, crime and larger low-income populations. We have to struggle to make our proposals competitive for governmental and philanthropic foundations.

Funded: Grants Office Monthly NewsletterI was recently reminded of the importance of proofreading your proposal, a step that sometimes drops away or is not conducted properly in the rush to meet a deadline. Yet this step may mean the difference between success and failure.

Code for AmericaHere’s the ticket for you developers, designers, researchers or entrepreneurs out there who would like to build a new generation of Gov.2 apps to help city governments work better: Code for America 2013 Fellowships.

North Valley Community FoundationAs an email list subscriber to TechEDge, you probably subscribe to at least a couple of other email lists as I do. One that I happen to be on is the North Valley Nonprofit Council, which is part of the North Valley Community Foundation.

TAACCCT: Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant ProgramThe U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Training Administration (DOLETA), recently announced its first round of TAACCT funded projects. Each project will receive approximately $20 million.

Grants Office LogoIn September, the Grants Office website offered a Grantwriting Edition webcast conducted by Dan Casion and entitled “Bringing IT Home." The webcast is available free, though registration is required.