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Turing with Siri

Over sixty years ago, the computer scientist Alan Turing set the bar for artificial intelligence to the level of any interface where human interlocutors are unable to distinguish whether they are talking to a computer or to another person. “Are there imaginable digital computers which would do well in the imitation game?" he asked. Perhaps in response, an iPhone owner recently mentioned to Siri that he wants to get an Android phone. She replied:

"I found 3 suicide prevention centers. Tap the one you want to call..."

Open access unlocks the door. Open learning inspires the journey.

How Emerging Technologies Are Leveling The Learning Landscape

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Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council | PESC.ORG | Unlocking the power of data.The California Community Colleges Technology Center is working with vendors and institutions to standardize the exchange of educational data. Working together through the Postsecondary Education Standards Council (PESC) Common Data Services (CDS) Taskforce we are leading the charge with a mission to build a Web services network to exchange data.

Grants Office, LLCThis blog has always focused on tips, techniques and samples of how to get a grant successfully funded. A recent article in the May 2012 issue of Funded, as published by the Grants Office, takes an opposite tack: “How to Ensure Your Grant Application Gets Denied,” by Susannah Mayhall.

I receive a monthly electronic newsletter from Hanover Grants in Washington, D.C. A recent issue focused on “Four Steps to Take Before Developing a Grant Application Budget. “ This reminded me how important budget development is for a successful grant proposal.

Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Tom Petty, Ravi Shankar and other luminaries populate Martin Scorcese’s 2011 biopic titled “George Harrison: Living in the Material World.”

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My community college is situated in a rural area. Many times we feel that our needs are frequently overshadowed by the needs of larger urban areas that have higher rates of poverty, crime and larger low-income populations. We have to struggle to make our proposals competitive for governmental and philanthropic foundations.

Image created by Meredith Roberts.The war on everything, at your doorstep soon.