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HTML 5 is the hot new buzz word these days, with all sorts of Web applications, Web browsers, and development tools touting their use of HTML 5. But when does the buzz start outgrowing the actual technology? In this article, I'll explain what HTML 5 is, and what it is not.

google-faviconAt last week's Google I/O 2010 conference, Google made a long-anticipated announcement: VP8, the highly competitive video compression technology Google recently acquired, is now an open standard. Google has combined VP8 with other open technologies to form the new WebM video format, which is coming out of the gate with support from a wide range of software and hardware vendors.

www link pointer imageA long-standing privacy vulnerability that exists in every major Web browser is about to finally get fixed, thanks to Mozilla engineer David Baron.

On2 Technologies LogoGoogle recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of On2, a company which produces high-end video encoding formats. This move has led to speculation that Google may be trying to break the current stalemate in the Web video format wars with its own better-positioned contender.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Shahan.As a server administrator, I have to fight a never-ending battle against the likes of exploit bots, spam bots and crackers. But one recurring issue I have experienced has come from an unlikely source: search engine spiders or, more specifically, Microsoft's MSNBot.

A couple hours ago, CrystalTech, the company that hosts the Coding Horror Web site and the Stack Overflow blog, had a technical problem that resulted in their virtual machines (VMs) being 100 per cent deleted with apparently no usable backups.


The fifth version of ECMAScript has now been finalized and published as an Ecma International standard. ECMAScript, which is more commonly known as "JavaScript", is the programming language that provides for much of the interactivity in modern web applications. This is the first major new version of the language since the third edition, which was published in December 1999.

There was recently a glitch in the document Rights Management Service (RMS) used in Microsoft Office 2003 which is preventing users from accessing any RMS-enabled documents. This problem was caused by Microsoft accidentally letting a security certificate expire, thus preventing the RMS authentication from completing.

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