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Windows Internet Explorer 9Microsoft is trying very hard to bring Internet Explorer back into favor with Web developers. On their official IE blog, which mainly targets technical audiences, they've been making long post after long post talking about all of the neat stuff under the hood of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 Web browser. However, with all of the nitty gritty technical details they're discussing, I've been amazed at the sheer number of blatant errors in their descriptions of those features.

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The latest in a series of cloud-based Pedagogy 2.0 tools for creating and uploading educational videos is the YouTube Video Editor. Check out this short video and learn why this new application constitutes an important release, what it comprises and how you use it.


Our team at the Technology Center has been working lately on how to protect the identity of our students and still benefit from the use of an Elastic Cloud Infrastructure.

(Editor’s Note: Security expert Donald Hester continues to assess the risk in the outsourcing aspect of cloud computing in Part 2 of this two-part opinion column. Part 1 was published on September 22, 2010.)

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I don’t do social networks. I just don’t. You can take your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your Bebo, Blogster,, Delicious, Foursquare,, MySpace, Ning, Twitter, your Zoopa and the rest and, well, share them with your friends.

Institute of Museum and Library ServicesSince my community college serves a rural, agriculturally-based population it tends to be under-funded and sadly, ignored by fundors. Driving though our rice paddy fields, I have seen a one-room library that was founded by 19th-century steel and railroad industrialist—and philanthropist—Andrew Carnegie, who established 1,679 new libraries throughout large and small towns across rural America.

Lightning strikes from a distant cloud.Cloud computing is “all the rage” right now. Does this sound nebulous to you? (Editor’s Note: Security expert Donald Hester peers into the cloud to assess the risks in this two-part opinion column.)


HTML 5 is the hot new buzz word these days, with all sorts of Web applications, Web browsers, and development tools touting their use of HTML 5. But when does the buzz start outgrowing the actual technology? In this article, I'll explain what HTML 5 is, and what it is not.

Pedagogy 2.0If Homo sapiens are learning animals, shouldn't higher education be the most human of all professions? Pedagogy 2.0 considers the evolving discipline of education, how technology informs it, and how these changes in turn inform our view of who we are as a species.