A Big Thank You: This, being my last “Tech Grants” blog, I would like to acknowledge several individuals who have made a difference. First, thank you to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, Vice Chancellor Patrick Perry, who has been supportive of the efforts at all 112 California community college’s to successfully integrate technology and telecommunications throughout the system. Second, thanks to both Mr. Gordon ‘Doug’ Cremer and Mr. Tim Calhoon, former and current directors of the TTIP North CCC Technology Center. Lastly, my fellow Tech Center colleague, Mr. Sandoval Chagoya, editor of TechEDge, whose magical web graphics always brightened my blogs. Thanks to all four of you for the vision of sharing best practices with our sister community colleges.

President Barack Obama joins The Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee, left, and others in the processional before the start of commencement at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, May 5, 2013. (Detail of an Official White House Photo by Pete Souza; Courtesy of WWW.WhiteHouse.gov)In my January 21, 2010, tech grants blog, "Chasing Obama Buck$,” I had identified select federal grant opportunities that had been issued by the Obama Administration. As an update, circa May 2013, I am revisiting where the Administration is proposing to give grants that community colleges qualify for.

The Wall Street Journal, in its “Journal Report/Big Data” section, posted an interesting article by Joel Schectman, “Public Data…at Your Fingertips: Federal and state governments are a trove of information. Now a lot of it is just an app away.”

In grant writing you have to make a compelling argument to get funded. I recently read a new book, The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Social Change, by Stanford professor Jennifer Aaker and Vonavona Ventures' Andy Smith.

The January 2013 issue of WIRED Magazine had an interesting article written by Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan, “The Age of Insourcing: How Tech Helps Megacompanies Rope Us In.”