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CCC Brainstorm: Where Minds MeetWe've spent a lot of time and energy working with our users and vendor to make CCC Confer a great tool for online instructors, with good results. The Confer classroom is equipped with assessment tools, interactive tools for collaboration and terrific content presentation options.

Open access unlocks the door. Open learning inspires the journey.

How Emerging Technologies Are Leveling The Learning Landscape

On July 7, 2010, Blackboard announced that it is buying Elluminate and Wimba, two Web conferencing systems very familiar to users of CCC Confer. The intent is to create Blackboard Collaborate, which will focus on synchronous learning technologies.

Dan BarnettI'm writing this piece in the Pages app for Apple's iPad using the keyboard dock for the device. Propped up on my lap, the arrangement is workable but, as my wife points out, it seems counterintuitive to indulge in the "iPad scrunch" while a perfectly good laptop with a larger screen is waiting on a nearby table.

Reducing Annual IT Operating Budget by 30 Percent
While Achieving State-of-the-Art Systems

Lake Tahoe CC logoLike many California colleges in the current budgetary crisis, Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) has very little discretionary funding available for systems sustenance, let alone advancement.