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The latest in a series of cloud-based Pedagogy 2.0 tools for creating and uploading educational videos is the YouTube Video Editor. Check out this short video and learn why this new application constitutes an important release, what it comprises and how you use it.


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# YouTubeGuest 2011-05-09 20:19
I am the father of Douglas Hersh, and a retired Filmmaker. I have a major gripe with the points Dr. Hersh makes in this edition of Pedagogy 2.0. My complaint? He is absolutely right.
After spending my entire professional life creating motion pictures and being considered one of, arguably, not too many who could do it competently, I now come face to face with YouTube. Here, again, we find a graphic example of many attempting to serve with relatively few doing so successfully. But, oh! The numerical size of the few! And their talent and ability!!! If only half of those who deserve it, based upon their submissions, find the recognition due them, they will put my small fraternity to shame.
So, more concisely put, my complaint is neither against Dr. Hersh nor YouTube. My grumble is, YouTube, where were you when I needed you? Why were you not yet there when I was coming up?