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July 2020

Tech Center Projects Reorganized

July 10, 2020

With the recent reorganization of the California Community Colleges Technology Center, all development schedules were paused, impacting planned releases and other activities during Q4 2019-20 and Q1 2020-21.

Enabling Services Unifies Customer-Facing Services

July 10, 2020

Enabling Services team alignment effective July 2020As a result of state budget reductions, the California Community Colleges Technology Center recently underwent cuts to contract staff in June, which in turn necessitated a realignment of team structures throughout the organization.

Custom Pathways Coming to CCC MyPath, Courtesy of SuperGlue

July 10, 2020

College students walk on pathway to campusSince as far back as 2008, the California Community Colleges Technology Center has sought to develop a system for delivering ordered tasks and resources for matriculating students to help them stay on track to their unique educational goals. From 2013 to 2018, under the Education Planning Initiative grant, the concept of a guided pathways student services portal with a task-based interface and notification system began to take shape and gain widespread support from colleges.

CCCApply, OpenCCC Update Fulfills Mobile, Spanish, Accessibility Goals

July 10, 2020

CCCApply Spanish-language translation mobile viewThe Spring 2020 update to the CCCApply suite of online applications was released in May, delivering a mobile-friendly, accessible, English-Spanish application that supports more students than ever before.

Though the release was twice delayed — due to COVID-19 and issues discovered during the pilot phase — the entire CCCApply team deserves kudos for executing a major software update chock-full of changes that should have a positive impact on the student experience for years to come.

As the primary focus of the release, full Spanish-language translation was rolled out across all CCCApply applications — which include the Standard (US), International, Noncredit, and California College Promise Grant — and the OpenCCC student account system. Additionally, OpenCCC underwent a redesign that enables a true mobile experience from account creation to application.

Virtual Workshops Draw Record Attendance

July 10, 2020

Woman attends virtual workshop at homeRegistration and attendance for the Online 2020 Summer IT Workshops exceeded expectations, more than doubling typical participation for the two-day event, held June 15 and June 16.

More than 500 college staff and faculty registered for one or both workshops, and as many as 470 attendees logged in to the event over the course of two days.

Pet Superstars of the Technology Center: Cat Edition

July 10, 2020

Cat memeWe hope you enjoyed the last article featuring dogs of the California Community Colleges Technology Center, so let’s take a look at the second-most favorite pets — cats!

As those of you who have been working from home already know, cats can make the perfect office pet — they sleep 95 percent of time, don’t need to be let out for walks, and rarely bark at the slightest noise. They can also make the worst office pet if they insist on meowing incessantly for no apparent reason (looking right at you, Purrl!) or decide to sleep on your nice, warm keyboard while you are trying to type up an important report.