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Workshops by the Numbers

January 28, 2022

Woman using laptop computerDelivering statewide conferences online is not always an ideal situation but the move to a virtual format has been a boon for the California Community Colleges Technology Center’s IT workshops, hosted twice each year by the CCC Information Security Center and CCC Accessibility Center.

The just-concluded Winter Workshops — held January 10 and January 11 — saw unprecedented participation from college staff, faculty, and partners, with overall registration of 529 individuals. A post-event attendee survey is underway, and more detail about the experiences of attendees will be highlighted in the February issue of Digital Futures News.

Historically, the IT workshops were held in person — winter in the north, summer in the south. Though always much anticipated by college staff, participation was often hindered by location, travel budgets, weather, and time restrictions. Since moving online in Summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, registration for the workshops has increased exponentially.

“Having the workshops available online is such an advantage. Before the pandemic, we used to just go to the one in January but we go to both of them now,” said Corrine Haverinen, Instructional Accessibility Specialist at Santa Rosa Junior College. “I find it’s really worth our time; they are very good at finding the topics the colleges are wrestling with.”

“Accessibility is a large complex concept,” said Dawn Okinaka, Director of the CCC Accessibility Center. “Our goal is to provide high quality professional development to our campuses to expand understanding of various aspects of the umbrella of accessibility.”

Registration Trends

An analysis of workshop registration trends shows both the Information Security Center and Accessibility Center penetrating more deeply into their core audiences while also drawing a broader cross-section of CCC personnel.

The following numbers show registration growth from the last pre-pandemic workshop to the most recent event.

Winter 2022 over Winter 2020:

  • 481% — Overall event registration
  • 622% — Information Security Workshop registration
  • 558% — Accessibility Workshop registration
  • 983% — Registered for both workshops

Summer 2021 over Summer 2019:

  • 232.8% — Overall event registration
  • 212% — Information Security Workshop registration
  • 304% — Accessibility Workshop registration
  • 153% — Registered for both workshops

Given these positive trends, it’s safe to say that the Information Security and Accessibility Workshops will continue to be delivered virtually for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, both centers will have a prominent presence at the 2022 CISOA Technology Summit being held March 20 through March 23 in Ontario, CA, with at least five sessions attributed to the centers out of the 13 slated to be presented by the CCC Technology Center.

Additionally, the Summer 2022 workshops are just around the corner. Save the dates for Information Security on Monday, June 13, and Accessibility on Tuesday, June 14.