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VC Lundy-Wagner to Lead CCC Digital Innovation and Infrastructure

January 28, 2022

Valerie Lundy-Wagner, Vice Chancellor of the Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Division, California Community CollegesEarlier this month, California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley announced the permanent appointment of Dr. Valerie Lundy-Wagner as vice chancellor of the Digital Innovation and Infrastructure (DII) Division at the CCC Chancellor’s Office.

The appointment follows her service as the division’s interim vice chancellor and its assistant vice chancellor for Research and Data.

She has a broad background in higher education, including faculty, research, policy and advocacy, and she is nationally recognized as an effective champion of equity in higher education. She joined the CCC Chancellor’s Office in February 2020.

As the DII vice chancellor, Dr. Lundy-Wagner leads technology and research for the California Community Colleges, including oversight of the grants that currently fund the many programs and activities of the CCC Technology Center.

DII is one of six divisions at the Chancellor’s Office. As described on the division’s home page, it represents “the forefront of the future” at the colleges and is focused on improving the experience and outcomes for California’s community college students.

The Tech Center and its various programs, along with its sister programs like CCC TechConnect and the California Virtual Campus Online Education Initiative, serve as technology-focused initiatives for the division.

Per the Initiatives webpage: “These efforts, which are often funded via grants administered by the Chancellor’s Office, support students and the colleges and help facilitate achievement of the ambitious student completion and equity goals defined in the Chancellor’s Vision for Success.”

The Tech Center is currently funded through three grant awards: The Core Applications Program, the Data Services Program, and the Shared Infrastructure Program. These programs are funded by the California Department of Finance for the centralized statewide technology projects of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and administered through the DII Division.

Grants are awarded through a formal, competitive application process and most awards are for five-year periods with an annual review process. All work executed under these grant agreements represents a collaboration between the CCC Chancellor’s Office and the awardee.

As the Tech Center prepares to enter its 25th year of collaboration with the Chancellor’s Office, we welcome Dr. Lundy-Wagner to her now permanent role, and we look forward to an ongoing partnership that benefits the students, faculty and staff of California’s community colleges statewide.