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@ONE logoAs of July 1, the Foothill-De Anza Community College District (FHDA) and the California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI) have been given the honor of hosting the @ONE grant.

As the FHDA @ONE team takes the reins of this important project, we’d like to thank the incredible team at Mt. San Jacinto College (MSJC) that has developed @ONE to what it is today — an innovative organization that supports the faculty, staff and students of the largest and most diverse college system in the world, the California Community Colleges.

A special thanks to Anna Stirling and her team for the hard work they did to ensure the transition from MSJC to FDHA was seamless, and congratulations to Anna in her new role as Director of Support Services for MSJC’s Distance Education program.

Introducing Our Team

A new home means a new team. The repositioning of @ONE as part of the OEI allows us to combine the efforts of these two organizations, starting with our team. Here’s a quick introduction to the new @ONE team — a combination of new and familiar faces:

  • Autumn Bell: As Chief Professional Development Officer for the OEI, Autumn leads the @ONE team. She brings a wealth of experience from professional development and online education to the team.

  • Stacey Carrasco: Stacey joins us as the Program Coordinator. Prior to joining @ONE, she worked for the San Mateo Community College District, developing programs for international students.

  • Michelle Pacansky-Brock and Lené Whitley-Putz: Michelle and Lené will serve as the faculty mentors for the project. They bring their knowledge of @ONE and their experiences as online teachers and peer mentors to the team.

  • Helen Graves and Liezl Madrona: Helen and Liezl round out the team with their background in both Canvas and instructional design. Each works with faculty to help them build dynamic, engaging and accessible courses aligned to the OEI course design rubric.

Fall 2017 Courses & Webinars

We've heard you like our courses — in fact, you want more! To meet the growing need for professional development in using Canvas, designing online courses and developing online teaching strategies, we'll be offering new @ONE courses every two weeks.

Click here to learn about and register for upcoming courses. We also have several upcoming webinars related to online teaching. Click here to see the complete list of webinars.

Information provided by @ONE