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CCC Professional Learning NetworkThe Professional Learning Network (PLN) is a tool created to help foster collaboration among colleagues in the California Community Colleges (CCC). One way the PLN helps to facilitate this is in the collecting and sharing of promising practices and successful programs happening out in the field, so others in the system can learn from them, and possibly implement similar practices on their campuses. But to do this, we need your help.

The Resources section on the PLN is available to all faculty and staff, whether registered on the site or not. Currently, the PLN has catalogued and categorized more than 200 resources, all shared from either the field or initiative partners. These resources cover topics such as Canvas, Integrated Planning, Data Disaggregation, Distance Education and much more.

Contributed Resources Help Colleagues

Examples include a presentation on how Canvas can work hand-in-hand with the Starfish student success suite to help students, teachers and student support services staff connect in positive ways. Another example is a presentation on humanized online learning, which contains strategies for incorporating empathy and awareness into a student’s learning.

These resources, and many more, were collected and curated for faculty and staff looking for ideas, inspiration and assistance with their course development, day-to-day project management and other more general program development.

Do you have materials, resources or presentations that you think may help others in the system become more successful? If so, the PLN would love to receive them and add them to the database to be searchable by thousands of your CCC colleagues. Gain recognition while sharing your expertise with other campuses in the state. Any technology-related resources and material, originated by you, are welcome, in addition to other topics.

How To Share On PLN

To share a resource, you must first register for a free account on the PLN. Once registered, on the top right-hand side of the site is a link named Submit. Click on the link, fill out the quick form, upload your document and our staff will review it and reach out if there are any questions.

Other great perks of creating a PLN account include access to thousands of online training courses through and Skillsoft, in addition to a systemwide events calendar and our Applied Solution Kits.

The ultimate goal is to create a searchable collection of thousands of helpful resources and promising practices in all categories, including technology, online learning, distance education and much more. This collection will be a valuable representation of the skills and knowledge of our faculty, staff and administrators. But it won’t exist without your contributions, so we invite you to submit to the PLN today. For any questions, please contact us.

Andrea Chatwood is Online Content Manager for the Professional Learning Network