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California Community Colleges Technology Center Enabling ServicesThe California Community Colleges (CCC) Technology Center has adjusted its organization to simplify the way it communicates with campuses that are involved in one or more CCC Chancellor’s Office-funded technology projects.

A new Enabling Services team was assembled from existing staff to bring a college-centric focus to system technology projects.

The move is meant to give colleges a dedicated person at the Tech Center to coordinate with, as well as a project manager to support them through each phase of each implementation, all the way to deployment and eventual student adoption of technology solutions.

The Scope

System technology projects are technology applications and services that are centrally funded by the Chancellor's Office on behalf of all colleges in the system. The Tech Center at Butte College administers many of these projects.

Examples include CCCApply, the online application for college admission, which is currently used by 108 of 114 colleges, the Canvas course management system, which 107 colleges are either already using or will use in the near future, as well as the Course Exchange, CCC MyPath, the Glue adapter, federated identity, among many others.

Managing Multiple Projects

Virtually every CCC campus is engaged in exploring and deploying a system technology project administered by the Tech Center. Some campuses are involved in several of these projects concurrently, each at various stages of implementation.

"The issue that we repeatedly encounter is that there are so many people involved with the projects on the college side and on our side that communication can become very challenging,” said Andy Newman, Enabling Services Officer. “The problem is amplified for colleges involved in multiple implementations."

Campuses will now have a single contact from the Tech Center to interact with – instead of assorted project management, development and implementation personnel, in addition to various vendors and consultants, Newman said.

Enabling Services Structure

This single contact is known in Enabling Services as the College Relationship Manager. These are community college employees who understand colleges, technology and the Tech Center. They coordinate with the various players on the Tech Center side and work directly with college staff.

These staff members have a bird's-eye view of every system technology project the college has underway or coming up, and are in tune with the broader issues that might impact any one of those.

When the time comes to implement a new technical solution at a college, the relationship manager will coordinate with an Implementation Project Manager and other Enabling Services staff to ensure the technical solution is implemented effectively, and meets the unique needs of the college.

Enabling Services will also encompass implementation and configuration engineers, the technical folks who work with colleges on the actual technology installation and setup, as well as professional development and training staff.

In the coming weeks, relationship managers will begin contacting your college, if they haven’t already, to explain the changes. For more information, visit the Enabling Services web page, or contact Andy Newman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Crista Souza is the TechEDge News Editor