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Mike Caruso, CCC MyPath Product Manager, presents at CISOA & 3CBG 2017The latest stop in the California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) spring road show was the annual conference of CCC IT professionals, hosted by the CCC Chief Information Systems Officers Association (CISOA).

Held in Monterey, Calif., in partnership with the California Community College Banner Group (3CBG), the annual CISOA & 3CBG conference is one of the largest gatherings of college leadership and staff, with attendees including CISOs, CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, VPs of technology and network systems, directors of IT, and software and web developers. This year’s event drew approximately 300 attendees from across the system.

Each year, the CISOA and 3CBG organizations come together to “present a unified set of sessions that will address many of the current topics of the IT professional in management, security, information systems, and IT curriculum,” according to the conference event page.

For the EPI, the conference was a chance to showcase the current status of the main aspects of the initiative. The EPI’s two conference sessions each focused on a different product, providing detailed status information, as well as showcasing how the tools would be implemented. The presentations emphasized that:

  • Each product is either currently in production or significantly close to production.
  • Each production product is “real.” In other words, these are not tools that are still in development and may not be implemented or supported after the grant is completed.
  • CISOs and other IT staff have limited time and resources, thus, these products are worthy of their attention.
  • There is a synergistic cohesion among the different products, with CCC MyPath acting as the hub and the other tools supporting or enhancing the products.

CCC MyPath Explored

One EPI presentation, entitled “Any Student, Anywhere, with CCC MyPath: The Statewide Student Services Portal,” allowed attendees to learn how the MyPath student services portal can be a welcome addition to their campus toolset, reducing risk and promoting student success objectives across the campus or district in a secure, accessible and mobile friendly format that is configurable by the college.

CCC Education Planning Initiative discusses the Chancellor's Office Curriculum Inventory system (COCI 2.0) at CISOA & 3CBG 2017The presentation discussed the specific tools for career exploration, college application, orientation, financial aid and student services, which are included in the portal. In addition, information was provided regarding how toolsets such as Starfish, deployed by the EPI, provide structure and guidance to students, and insightful data to colleges, supporting the implementation of pathways and student retention services. User stories tracking "Faith Freshman" and "Chuck AtaRiska" were explored, as well as the infrastructure behind the scenes.

New Curriculum Inventory System

The second EPI presentation focused on the CCC Chancellor's Office Curriculum Inventory (COCI) system and how it is being deployed. The standing room-only crowd participated in a discussion of the opportunities for colleges to take advantage of new features for workflow simplification. Information was provided regarding COCI 2.0, the vehicle by which the Chancellor's Office:

  • Assigns control numbers to courses and programs
  • Evaluates non credit courses

The presentation described what was available from the minimum viable product version of the COCI, including features such as data migration with validation rules that enable editing/updating existing submissions and quicker processing time for new submissions. The presenters discussed the concept of “Automation as a Design Principle” and showcased that concept in action. They explored how the technology would operate in the background, with the goal being to “shift the conversation about COCI, so the tools sit behind the objective, and not as the objective.” Finally a rollout plan was provided, with technical and vendor integration discussed.

For More Information

To learn more about the CISOA & 3CBG conference, visit the CISOA website. To view the COCI presentation slides, click here. In addition, the EPI’s Professional Development page has been updated to include a calendar of events. This calendar highlights conferences where the EPI will have a presence through the end of this year, including dates, locations and conference themes for EPI presentations.

In addition to the calendar of events, the website contains vital background information regarding the initiative as well as status updates. Visit the EPI website to stay informed about future events.

David Quintanilla is a project team member of
the California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative