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Professional Learning Network websiteThe Professional Learning Network, launched in April 2016, is a one-stop site for all California Community Colleges (CCC) employees to access effective practices, trainings and valuable resources.

The PLN began with a key recommendation from the CCC Board of Governors Student Success Task Force committee for the Chancellor’s Office to create a “virtual professional development resource center.” To solicit input on what the PLN would include, in 2014 the Chancellor’s Office — in collaboration with the Academic Senate for CCC, CCC Success Network (3CSN), California Community College Council for Staff and Organizational Development (4C/SD), @ONE, CCC Online Education Initiative and the Success Center for CCC — held six regional summits on the project and had more than 500 participants who came up with a number of desired features for the portal including:

  • A highly searchable listing of effective practices for the system
  • A library of self-paced video-based trainings
  • A discussion board that allows personnel to communicate across colleges and program areas
  • A systemwide events calendar, and much more

All of the above items are now available for all CCC employees to utilize in their quest for continuing training, knowledge sharing and education on the promising practices happening across all CCC campuses. logoFree Access To Online Training

The PLN offers free access to thousands of courses on and, starting in January 2017, Skillsoft. All faculty and staff members can access the free training by registering on the PLN website and clicking on the Learn section. The ability to create personalized training plans is in the works, and currently users can keep track of their completed trainings through their personal MyPD (i.e. My Professional Development) page on the site.

Michelle DuBreuil, PLN Project Manager, is excited about the participation, even at this early stage. “Our goal was to reach 5,000 users by the end of 2016. As of this month, we’re at 4,970, so we are right on track. I spend a lot of time traveling to conferences to spread the word about the PLN and am very encouraged by the positive feedback we’ve been receiving. There is much more coming in 2017!”

The ultimate goal is to have all of the approximately 70,000 CCC employees across the 113 colleges using the PLN on a regular basis. The most valuable resource the CCC has is the expertise of its staff and faculty, and the PLN was created as a way to share that knowledge between campuses. The Resources section of the PLN invites all users to share resources and practices that may benefit the college community at large.

To learn more, watch this short intro video. Better yet, sign up at the Professional Learning Network.

Michelle DuBreuil is Project Manager for
the California Community Colleges Professional Learning Network