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California Virtual Campus 2016 catalog updateThe California Community Colleges (CCC) has added 1,190 courses to the California Virtual Campus (CVC) catalog for 2016, which now lists 21,160 courses and 1,313 degree programs offered online by 169 accredited higher education institutions.

Online course listings increased 6 percent compared to 2015, in line with a general trend toward online higher education. However, total degree programs listed in the distance education catalog decreased 8 percent from a year ago.

All of California’s 113 community colleges are represented in the listing, with a total of 12,053 online courses and 493 online degree programs being offered by the CCC.

Most Complete Online Course Listing

The CVC distance education catalog provides the most comprehensive listing available for online courses and degree programs offered by California's accredited public and private higher education institutions. Visitors can seek and compare courses and programs by keyword, subject, school, and/or institutional segment.

Currently, the catalog is updated in the summer/fall time frame. Distance education coordinators may update their course/program information more frequently through an administrative dashboard on the website by registering as a course maintainer at The recently redesigned dashboard offers an intuitive interface to make maintaining listings easy.

The chart below shows the number of online courses offered in 2016, broken out by system.

2016 CVC course count broken out by higher education system

In the following chart, the number of online degree programs is shown, broken out by system.

2016 CVC program count broken out by higher education system

Provides A Catalog View

The CVC aggregates information according to a catalog perspective rather than as a class schedule. The intent is to provide information on all online courses and programs that an institution offers rather than specific sessions offered within a specific term.

The CVC employs a team of students to collect course and program information from publicly available sources. The team is instructed to gather information as if they were students intent on attending the online courses and degree-granting programs.

Crista Souza is the CCC TechEDge News Editor