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Students at Santa Rosa Junior College tested CCC MyPath, August 2016.As a new school year gets underway, colleges across the state have begun implementing CCC MyPath, the student services portal being developed by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI).

With institutions beginning to incorporate CCC MyPath, the EPI continues to ensure the new technology is student-focused and capable of assisting students in achieving their goals. As part of this mission, members of the CCC MyPath development team traveled to Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) to allow students the opportunity to test the portal and offer their feedback.

CCC MyPath

The EPI is developing solutions to help students make informed choices as well as clarify goals and plan for success. One of these solutions is the systemwide student services portal, known as CCC MyPath. CCC MyPath is a platform to increase student understanding of the importance of education planning, activities and campus-based resources that can help keep them on track to complete their educational and career goals.

As students interact with activities and check off tasks in the portal, new data about the student is gathered in their individual profile. This data, via analytics, will be used to present new information and next steps so that the student is kept on track. In addition, CCC MyPath includes activities, applications and information designed as customizable “portlets”. Colleges have the option to implement the portlets directly into their portals and localize the information that is presented to students. The system’s workflow is designed to include messaging, which informs students about activities or tasks to complete in order to keep them on the road to success.

Student Testing At Santa Rosa Junior College

Students at Santa Rosa Junior College tested CCC MyPath, August 2016.In August, members of the CCC MyPath development team traveled to Santa Rosa Junior College, one of the CCC MyPath pilot colleges, to allow students the opportunity to have hands-on interaction with the portal. The team, led by Statewide Programs Director David Shippen and CCC MyPath Project Manager Mike Caruso, provided students with several different scenarios, designed to simulate common student interactions with CCC MyPath. The students’ experiences were monitored by small groups of the development team.

As the students worked through the experiences, the team played the role of observer, allowing the students to interact with CCC MyPath without prompting. Participants logged into the portal through various mediums, from laptops to mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. The team documented their reactions to the scenarios, which included video-recording selected students. By the end of the testing session, the team had gathered a significant amount of data that would enhance the development process.

Students Grade The Portal

The students present were asked to give the site a grade, from A to F. The average grade given was a B, with students stating that the portal design was “very clear and not cluttered.”

Students observed that CCC MyPath provided excellent, specific content, highlighting the four advisor cards located on the page. Participants indicated that the four cards, which provide information regarding career exploration, admission information, priority registration and financial aid information, “are good for every student.”

The students gave suggestions on items they would like added to the portal, such as a lock frame in the scroll bar and enlarging the icons in portrait view. Overall, the respondents indicated they enjoyed their experiences with CCC MyPath, with one student stating, “I just wish I had more time with it!”

For More Information

As the implementation process for CCC MyPath continues, the development team is planning additional student testing. The goal is to continue to ensure that the portal is designed with students in mind. Incorporating student feedback is a priority for the CCC MyPath team, as student success is a key focal point for the EPI.

To learn more about CCC MyPath, please visit the EPI website at The site contains resources and information regarding CCC MyPath as well as other Education Planning Initiative products and services.

David Quintanilla is a project team member of
the California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative