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CCC Confer Webinar: Simple Ways to Dramatically Improve Your VideosWith just a bit of imagination and some creativity, you can be on your way to sharing video content that your students will appreciate.

To help you get started, CCC Confer and 3C Media Solutions will host a webinar titled, “Simple Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Videos."

Join us on Oct. 28, 2015, from noon to 1 p.m., when Emmy award-winning video editor Chris Brown will show you easy-to-implement tips for creating a professional-quality video. Register for the webinar today.

The webinar will cover:

  • Chris Brown, Editor, 3C Media SolutionsPut some light on the subject! Learn how to properly light your surroundings with basic lighting techniques.
  • What’s “that” in the background? Improve your video with simple set design methods.
  • Can they hear me now? Understand the importance of quality audio, and how to choose the right microphone.
  • Polish your videos. Learn about editing tools that are easy to use, and production tools for the final step.
  • Put your videos in the hands of your students. Get to know important Fair Use and Copyright regulations. Learn how 3C Media Solutions can help you store and share your videos.

Register for the webinar

About The Presenter

Chris Brown is the Production Coordinator and Emmy award-winning Editor for 3C Media Solutions. He has been creating and producing videos for the California Community Colleges since 2001. He currently produces and directs the webcast of the CCC Board of Governors Meeting.

CCC Confer is provided as a free service to administrators, staff and faculty of the CCC. For more information, visit

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