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California Community Colleges Online Education InitiativeImplementation of the Canvas common course management system (CCMS) in the California Community Colleges (CCC) continues to spread well beyond the pilot group that is currently testing this aspect of the Online Education Initiative (OEI).

Even as eight colleges are pilot-testing Canvas this fall—with a small number of courses enhanced with course reviews, and integrated with online tutoring support and the Online Student Readiness Tutorials—15 colleges have already committed to adopting Canvas as their CCMS. Three of those are pilot colleges that elected to implement the CCMS campuswide, concurrent with their pilots.

According to OEI officials, colleges adopting Canvas are:

  • Cabrillo College
  • Coastline Community College (also in the pilot group)
  • College of the Canyons
  • Copper Mountain College
  • East Los Angeles College
  • Foothill College (also in the pilot group)
  • Los Angeles Mission College
  • Los Angeles Pierce College
  • Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
  • North Orange County School of Continuing Education
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Shasta College (also in the pilot group)
  • West Hills College-Coalinga
  • West Hills College-Lemoore
  • West Valley College

Along with the six colleges that used Canvas prior to the OEI, a total of 21 colleges—representing more than 18.5 percent of the CCC—are now using or have committed to use Canvas as their campuswide CCMS.

OEI Developments

Efforts in all areas of the OEI continue to move the project forward. Here are a few of the developments on the near horizon:

    • The pilot of the @ONE online teacher-training program is underway with the first courses expected to be offered to the system mid-fall.


    • Requests for proposals are being developed for academic integrity solutions, such as online test proctoring, that can be deployed for no or reduced cost to CCCs.


    • Plans are underway to determine a platform that will connect counselors with online students.


    • The OEI is continuing to address the need to assist under-prepared students who take online courses by providing just-in-time resources that can be deployed in online environments.


  • Work continues to create access to courses across colleges in the OEI Course Exchange. An incremental project management approach is being employed to work through the technical and policy complexities of connecting students from college to college.

On The Road Again

In addition to visiting a variety of colleges throughout the state, OEI management team members will in the coming weeks participate in several conferences related to higher education and education technology:


Editor's note: This article was updated 10/9/15 to correct the list of colleges.

Crista Souza is the TechEDge News Editor