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eTranscript CA logoA technology project offering electronic transcript exchange to colleges statewide has expanded its service to include all California postsecondary schools, both public and private. The transcript exchange service will also be extended to high schools in 2010.

The expanded service offerings have also led to a new name for the technology project. CCCTran has become “eTranscript California,” with the same renowned transcript processing capabilities now available across all California postsecondary systems.

"eTranscript California will carry the benefits of the CCCTran transcript exchange system forward, with a new focus on alliance with all postsecondary institutions statewide and beyond," said Lenny Robison, project manager. "We have proven the importance of this service within the California Community Colleges and California State University; now we are focused on extending the benefits of our service to all postsecondary schools in California, including both public and private institutions."

eTranscript California Offers Service To All Colleges And Universities

eTranscript California is a Web-based, electronic transcript exchange system for California colleges and universities and their transcript-trading partners. Providing secure, value-added request and delivery services, eTranscript California automates transcript exchange for the benefit of colleges and students.

One significant benefit of automation is improved speed of fulfillment, which the colleges and their trading partners have responded to favorably. “Transcript exchange is handled wholly electronically and delivery is nearly instantaneous versus the speed of postal mail. Our system is configured to process 500 transcripts every 15 minutes. That’s 2,000 an hour and that’s more than enough,” said Kim Goff, Admissions and Records Supervisor at Sacramento City College. benefits of eTranscript California to colleges and universities include the following:

  • Speed of electronic transcript exchange
  • Ease of transaction tracking and reporting
  • Data transfer encryption
  • Security of institution-to-institution exchange
  • Student convenience
  • Reduced college workload and expenses
  • Standardized transcript views and data formats
  • Reduced environmental impact

eTranscript California enables all California colleges to transfer student transcripts between the state’s 110 California Community Colleges (CCC) and the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU) , private colleges, and, soon, to California high schools.

Postsecondary institutions ‘live’ on eTranscript California have delivered more than 89,000 student transcripts to their trading partners. This number is expected to grow immensely with the recent addition of institutions like University of Southern California, National University, University of Phoenix and many other colleges currently moving to implement the system.

"eTranscript California has developed as a valuable service for all postsecondary institutions statewide,” said Tim Calhoon, eTranscript California project director and director of the CCC Technology Center at Butte College. “The convenience, security and cost savings is evident as we see some of the state’s largest private and independent colleges and universities get on board.”

eTranscript California To Extend Service To California’s High Schools

eTranscript California is also looking to expand delivery of its service outside of the postsecondary arena. In conjunction with California School Information Services (CSIS), eTranscript California is in the final test stages for electronic delivery of high school transcripts to postsecondary institutions.

Using the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council XML national high school transcript standard, CSIS is able to format the data they deliver into a format that can be received by any postsecondary institution via eTranscript California. The agencies that had the foresight to see the benefits of this exchange and launched this project were the CCC, the CSIS, and the California Department of Education.

The new service is expected to impact as many as 1.8 million high school students enrolled in districts that have capabilities for electronic academic records transfer. The service supports student advancement by streamlining the process for transcript delivery. Production launch for high school transcript exchange within eTranscriptCA is expected in the first quarter of 2010. <>

Sandoval Chagoya is a CCC Technology Center Project Manager
and TechEDge Managing Editor.