LAST_UPDATED2 22 February 2018 in News by Crista Souza

California Community Colleges Information Security CenterColleges in the U.S. are being held to the same legal standard for information security as banks and brokerage houses because they collect student financial data, making them financial services organizations in the eyes of the law.

LAST_UPDATED2 22 February 2018 in Opinion by Jory Hadsell

California Community Colleges Online Education InitiativeSince the inception of the Online Education Initiative (OEI), many California Community Colleges have been working together to address online achievement gaps and increase student access to fully-resourced online courses that propel them toward completion.

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California Community Colleges launches Metrics Simplification InitiativeDear Colleagues: We are all aware of the many initiative/performance metrics at play in the California Community Colleges (CCC). Understanding, tracking, responding to, and reporting these various metrics have been difficult at best.