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WCET Annual Meeting - Virtual Seminar Series

October 6 - November 12, 2020

Essential Discussions for Higher Ed In Unprecedented Times

Registration is open. Visit the Annual Meeting website for more information:

WCET’s 32nd Annual Meeting has been moved to a virtual seminar series in lieu of hosting it in Indianapolis.

The two-part series of topic-focused virtual discussions and experiences will bring together higher education community members, practitioners, and experts. Each seminar will include strategic work group collaborations and networking events.

Attendees can register for individual seminars or the full series.

The 2020 Seminar Series Topics:

  • October 6 - 15, on Tuesday - Thursday of each week: Inclusiveness in Higher Education: From Notion to Action
  • November 2 - 12, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of each week: The Value of Higher Education and What the Future of Education Could Be

Synchronous activities, including networking, will begin at 8:30 AM MT and conclude by 4:30 PM MT.