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Accessibility Workshop

The Collaboration HUB, CCC Chancellor's Office
Sacramento, CA
January 8, 2019

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Featured Sessions

Scanning & Monitoring Websites for Accessibility
From the recent state audit review, one key recommendation was that colleges should implement a scanning and monitoring solution for their public-facing websites. Different tools and strategies are available for colleges to address this issue, including the use of automated tools and periodic manual checks. We will be discussing different approaches college can adopt to support website accessibility evaluations.

Including Accessibility as Part of Procurement
A critical step toward improving the accessibility of campus-wide information technology resources is to ensure that what you are purchasing meets accessibility standards. This group activity examines various case studies where accessibility intersects with the procurement and acquisition of web and IT products.

Accessibility Testing & Interpreting VPATs
When selecting web and IT products, vendors often provide a VPAT as evidence of their accessibility testing. Yet these accessibility reports often portray a very accessible product when in fact there may be significant barriers to using the product. Learning to read and interpret vendor accessibility reports, and deciding when you should test the product, is a necessary process for selecting the web and IT product that is the most accessible and meets your business requirements.


Who Should Attend?

Presented by the CCC Information Security Center in conjunction with the Accessibility Center, this twice-annual event is packed with information and techniques you can apply to your professional role.

The Information Security and Accessibility workshops are open to all California Community Colleges personnel, with information geared toward:

  • IT administrators, managers and specialists
  • Disability services directors and staff
  • Faculty training and support
  • IT accessibility specialists


Participants Will Learn About:

  • Colleges' legal obligations to both secure student data and ensure campus web and IT environments are accessible to disabled users. Get updates on what's required and how to become compliant.
  • Timely best practices, tools, tips and tricks. What to do - and what not to do.
  • An expanding array of applications, services and resources available - for no charge - to assist California's community colleges with security and accessibility compliance.
  • And more...